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tv   7 News First at 4 PM  NBC  December 11, 2015 4:00pm-4:30pm EST

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big matchup. >> anchor: we're filling break breaking news first at 4:00. operator error, a source telling 7 news the driver of a run away red line train did not follow procedure. that train was carrying about 50 passengers when it left the station unattended yesterday morning . >> anchor: governor baker about this. we have team 7 coverage the story starting with byron barnett. he joins live in south boston with the breaking details of the investigation. byron? investigators were saying yesterday that they were focus focusing on operator error. well, now a source familiar with the investigation tells 7 news that the operator of the run away train may have tampered with the controls. a source familiar with the investigation tells 7 news the operator of the run away train apparently tied a chord around the throttle when he exited the train to override a signal . i said at the time the investigation was ongoing, but that i had been led to mr. every that the throttle had been tampered with. that's still my understanding, but again the investigation has
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>> reporter: this is a train operator's cab like the one on the run away train. the throttle is the big lever on the control panel. t officials say if the operator did tie a chord around it, he would face serious consequences. we are aware of those reports and in anyway wedging or restricting the movement of the siniston would be a prohibited at that would subject the operate to tell nation . >> reporter: the red line train took off from braintree carrying dozens of passengers but no operator. with no one at the controls the train traveled six miles before t staffers in the control center stopped it by cutting power to the third rail. t officials also say the operator, david vasquez of canton, also failed to engage the second-hand brake when he got out of the cab. we do believe this was an isolated incident. one that likely required an
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mistakes for this to take place. vasquez say they couldn't . she is a friend, yeah. i can't picture this guy doing something wrong. i mean, the equipment is old, they always try to blame the operator for everything. >> reporter: now t officials say that vasquez has been inter interviewed and has been placed on administrative leave. the investigation is ongoing, but a final fact finding hearing is scheduled for monday. that's the story live from south boston, byron barnett, 7 news. >> anchor: that run away train has many t passengers concerned. today the governor tried to re reassure people that the trains . same. john cuoco live in boston with john? >> reporter: they do want to do that. the steps the mbta has taken are in alles in aes of their . in light of thursday's run away red line train, the mbta
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employees in person and in writ writing about prohibited acts on trains. administrators do not believe testimony tampering with the trains is a widespread practice. memory of folks at the t, nothing like this has ever happened on the rapid transit system. >> reporter: it's also aamend aamending the use of the bypass procedure that got the train moving yesterday. now a second senior mbta officials must be present . to witness and insure the motor person is following all of the safety steps that are required before the train is >> reporter: governor baker says he doesn't think bringing become a second operator would . doesn't justify dowling up. i don't know what the other operator would do. >> reporter: according to officials, a second operator could have pulled the emergency brake had they known what was going on. most likely that person, that particular second operator, would not have realized there was even an incident going on until the train had passed quincy adams station. >> reporter: t passengers say it helps to know something is .
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problem rather than ignore it or see if it happens again. it does make you feel a little bit better than somebody is looking into it. meeting this morning with the federal transit station looking into more safety recommendations recommendations. live at the statehouse, john cuoco, 7 news. >> anchor: we're also following breaking news out of rezwan ferdaus ear where police shot three people, two people died. the third was rushed to the hospital. >> anchor: police have still not released a motive in this case. steve cooper reports with the breaking details. he was like out of breath. he was like help, help. >> reporter: residents on wait street in revere describing the horrifying moments after three people were shot inside this apartment building thursday night . all of a sudden i heard about five loud pops and i knew it was gun shots. >> reporter: investigators say two people, 66-year-old man and a 35-year-old woman, were shot to death while a third victim, a 38-year-old man, suffered life-threatening injuries. we saw a man, he was on the
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the front door and he was bleeding out . >> reporter: that victim was rushed to the hospital while crime scene investigators spent hours overnight serving for clues and interviewing people who lived around here. right now police won't comment on any sort of a motive and whether or not this was a targeted attack. whatever the reason is, neighbors are rattled and anxious for answers. my friends, everybody is close to the victims and they are not handling it very well. that's why some of they don't want to come downstairs today. i'm just going to talk for them. >> reporter: this is a copy of the criminal complaint just released and again police now have 36-year-old michael deleon in lynn in custody. he was arrested in quincy a short time ago. he is being booked right now at revere police headquarters on two counts of murder, one count of armed assault with intent to murder. it's being held without bail and taken to a chelsea district court over the weekend. he will be brought there
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that's when we face a judge on this charge in connection with this triple shooting. right now what's unclear is the motive in all of that, but that information should come out when deleon face is a judge on monday morning. that's the latest live in revere steve cooper, 7 news. >> anchor: and just a reminder we're staying on top of all this breaking news on air and on-line on-line. check and the mobile ap app all the time and we also post details on face book and twitter . >> anchor: out of business at least in new york state. boston based draft kings will have to shut down business in that state for now. newsroom with the latest. >> reporter: a judge announced that decision today ordering both draft kings and fan dual to shut down service in new york. the two fantasy sports companies are in a legal battle now with the state's attorney general. the new york supreme court judge ruled they must stop business during the court fight. it allows an ongoing debate over the legality of fantasy sports games. the new york ag says the games are a form of illegal gambling.
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say the gales are based on skill not luck. a representative for draft king said the company would immediately appeal that ruling. we'll keep you posted. adam williams, 7 news . >> anchor: 7 news now turning to the forecast. another nice, mild day to finish off the workweek and it looks like this warmer weather we've been enjoying so much can stick around for the weekend. chris lambert here now with the forecast. almost a rinse repeat forecast for tomorrow, elizabeth in terms of temperatures bunning back in the mid towner 50's. 55 in boston right now. wind out of the south at 7 miles per hour. took a while to get going today with that morning fog, but once we had the breaks of sun, 10:00, 1:00, even around lunch time we warmed up without a problem. towns 60 degrees south of boston boston. 57 plymouth. wouldn't be surprised to see areas of fog reform overnight tonight, otherwise it's been a mixture of sun around clouds throughout the day. we'll see patches of clouds at times overnight tonight. but it's quiet in terms of no rainfall. i don't expect any rain over the next couple of days.
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sunday that. should be about it. so temperatures overnight tonight falling back into the 40's, holding into the 40's so well above freezing and any fog tomorrow morning will yield to partly sunny skies, 50's to near 60. cooler and cloudier on sunday then we do have two rain chance as head. we'll talk more on the 7 day forecast coming up. >> anchor: the patriots getting ready for their next matchup against the texans and today fans got yet another treat. rob grokowski and jude eelman both on the practice field after two losses. patriots hoping for a win against the texans. alex corddry joins with more on this great news. alex? yeah, foxboro has just been full of surprises in the span of 24 hours, rob grokowski was back on the practice field and today julian edelman returned. our very own pablo cortez got the shot of the day. the patriots number one receiver and the pats star tight end high fiving, pumped to be out there with teammates and coach belichick standing right there with them. now edelman back at practice
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breaking his left foot on november 15 against in the giants game and seeing him back out there so quickly certainly surprising and also encouraging for those that hope to see him back for the playoffs at least edelman was stretching, jogging, skipping and from what we could see he wasn't wearing a brace on his foot. but both edelman and gronk hoping to get back to game action as soon as possible . it's always good to be out there with your teammates and staff out there and put the . it feels good to be back with my teammates. just mentally feels good to be back with them. out on the practice field and any other questions you have to talk to coach belichick. >> reporter: so gronk didn't take any questions from report reporters, but we did ask coach belichick about grokowski. he says you guys are going to have to wait for the injury report and of course his appearance doesn't mean that we're going to see him on sunday night against the texans.
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more coming up later in the show show. alex corddry, 7 news . you can call it some friend friendly fire between tom brady and former pats player vince wilfork ahead of sunday's game. after spending more then a degre degreed a as teammates, the two will finally hit the field on opposite sides. jonathan hall live in foxboro with more on what they are both saying about the big game. jonathan? >> reporter: well, they are talking on-line and it has been fascinating. vince wilfork spent 11 seasons playing here at foxboro with his old buddy, tom brady. now for the very first time they are lining up against each other and fans really looking forward to sunday night. it's been two years since the patriots and texans played a changed. now wilfork is playing for houston facing off against tom brady and patriots offensive . he is a great teammate, but it's different year, he is on a different team and, you know, i
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brady shared this throw back thursday photo on facebook with a note to his great teammate and friend. "take it easy on me this weekend vince." wilfork wrote back "you'll be okay, looking forward to hitting you, seeing you my friend." it will be different on game deysing him on field in another uniform but all that probably goes away after the first kickoff . >> reporter: at the patriots pro shop where sales are brisk and hoe are high, wilfork shirts are still on sale, right next to tom brady's. this is the first time they are playing against him. that will be interesting. >> reporter: these two just got engaged at gillette today. she said yes and she loves vince too . i was hoping he would retire with us to be honest. >> reporter: not only was rob grokowski on the feel, judian' elman showed up as well. fans hope they get to play in a game soon but not too soon .
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only if he is able to. i wouldn't want to push him. p shoe stone is like foxboro south almost. the quarterback, the head coach, offensive coordinator, the defensive coordinator and some other players have all been here in foxboro playing an coaching under bill belichick. it's going to be great sunday night right here on 7 nbc. we're live in foxboro, jonathan hall, 7 news. >> anchor: watch the game here on sunday night we get things started at 6:30 with our 7 on the sidelines special. at 7:00 it's football night in america and the game kicks off at 8:30 . >> anchor: great game and so many things to watch during that between some players. . . >> anchor: cash in hand, some drivers getting quite the surprise after getting pulled . >> anchor: we take you to marlborough to meet a special middle cooler who was serving up some very special lemonade in today's class act. >> anchor: at 4:30 a tragic crash in north heading. a woman killed when her car slams into a house .
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5:00, no-fly zone. airlines calling for a ban on one of this year's hottest christmas gets. that's all coming up on 7 news. stay with us.
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>> anchor: getting pull over by the police usually causes a lot of anxiety, but in one state drivers are getting a surprise from officers . >> anchor: this week, police in kentucky doing out some holiday help. the warren county sheriff's office received a generous donation of $10,000. the donors only request was to give the money to those who need it most. officers pulled over drivers and gave them $100. extremely surprised. this made my day, i can tell you that. this made my day . >> anchor: some people had been going through tough times and said this way big help . i was scared, a little nervous. i am kind of had a rough week of i just found out i was sick so kind of been a rough week and this is a blessing. >> reporter: with christmas around the corner people may be afraid of the thought of receive
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give up christmas savings, but a traffic stop like this can turn all those feelings around. well, my first reaction was relief and that is a wonderful present and i have six children and this will be a great treat for us. >> reporter: a kind act like this doesn't just make drivers happy, but the officers as well . i can speak for all of the staff, this is a privilege for us to be able to do this. it's a blessing for us just as much as it is for the people receiving this. we're very pleased to be able to be a part of this. i thought i was going to get a speeding ticket today. >> anchor: deputies stopped 100 drivers to surprise them with the cash. this is the second year the department handed out the money. >> reporter: mild temperatures 50's to near 60 earlier this afternoon. we'll keep that through the first half of the weekend and then cool down by sunday. take a look at the numbers ahead ahead. >> anchor: the zigging santa. how jolly old saint nick is connecting with children so they don't miss out on magic .
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hidden message. broncos fans getting quite the surprise this year. we'll show you the pats prank going viral . >> anchor: plus, a close call caught on camera. an accident involve a train that could have been a lot worse. anncr: when the attacks come here... ...the person behind this desk will have to protect your family. will he be impulsive and reckless, like donald trump? will he have voted to dramatically weaken counter-terrorism surveillance, like ted cruz? will he have skipped crucial national security hearings and votes just to campaign, like marco rubio? 27 generals and admirals support jeb bush. because jeb has the experience and knowledge to protect your family. right to rise usa for the content
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>> reporter: not bad for a friday afternoon of temperatures surging into the 50's to lower 60's once sunshine broke out. 61 prove depends, 60 down in little out. 61 in taunton as well. the numbers pretty close to that that. we've list a few degrees here in the city of boston at 55, 53 in worcester and 57 in norwood right now. take a look at the satellite and radar composite. we had patches of mid to high level clouds that have worked on through but nothing sustained like the dense fog that we had earlier this morning. however, some of that fog will likely redevelop overnight tonight. rather mild for the time of year temperatures running into the
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tonight, so no cold air overnight tonight, no frosty start, but we may have a little bit of early fog out there. otherwise, sunshine and clouds mix to the once again and it is mild once again. mid 50's to near 60 degrees. so the temperature pattern that we had in place the last couple of days not changing much. at least the first half of the week. here we go overnight tonight. patchy, low clouds, patchy fog forming then tomorrow a think we have a good day overall. tomorrow the brighter of the two weekend days. on sunday i do expect more clouds around. there may even be a sprinkle or two out there on sunday. the theme here though is to have cooler temperatures prevailing on sunday as well. the reason for it, area of high pressure nosing a front, back door cooled front coming in from the northeast of a lot of times we have fronts coming in from the west. any time they come in from the east or northeast we call that a back door cool front here and north of that front you are in the 40's to near 50 degrees. i think a lot of us will be north of that front as we go through the second half of the weekend. going on sunday afternoon for about 49 degrees in the city of
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and some lower to middle 50's southern worcester county back into the blackstone valley. that is still above average for the time of year. the average high in the city of boston is 43 degrees. so yes indeed, sunday will be a cooler day. but not terribly cold for this time of year. next best chance of rain coming in here on monday, especially very late in the day and monday night. monday temperature watch for a little while, we'll struggle into the fort ease throughout much of the day and then once that front lifts north of us, i do expect temperatures to surge into the 50's to near 60 at night monday night. and that will be the west chance of rain monday evening and overnight before the front kicks everything off to the east of us for tuesday and wednesday we dry it out. thursday and friday next storm system working up the coast, that looks like rain thursday afternoon into friday morning and then we finally see some seasonably cold air if not below seasonal levels move in for next weekend. next weekend may be one of the first times we have a lot of widespread high temperatures into the 30's by next saturday. but before we get do it, we have plenty of 40's and 50's across
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in some cases to kick off the weekend. guys? >> anchor: it's time now for 7 7's fast track traffic. he is joe with a check of the roads. >> anchor: thanks, liz. we're checking first on route 2 westbound we have a santa went off the road way here right by waltham street in lexington. the right travel lanes are blocked off and we're almost back to route 128 at this point route 2 and the westbound side of that roadway heading up to route 93 northbound we have a lot of company right now just leaving the house or office, 93 northbound feeling the pinch after an earlier crash we had up by route 110 and around the lawrence-methuen line. 128 dealing with delays too up in the wakefield area and 93 northbound tough going as well making your way over toward route 6 0 in medford. mass pike eastbound those headlights heading down toward the pru dealing with delays there as you can tell. after that so the though not moving too badly heading over to the ted williams tunnel and downtown here is a surprise. 93 northbound and southbound not moving too badly there on the right. storrow drive plenty of brake
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>> anchor: each friday and that means we like to highlight local students that go above and beyond in academics, athletics or in their community . >> anchor: today we introduce to you a sixth grader in marlborough who has gone all out to raise money for kids at chin chin's hot. he is thinking we's class ability. here is christa delcamp . hi, class. how are you guys doing? we're here today because there is a young man who we wanted to recognize who has done a lot of to raise money for children's hospital in boston. i wanted to welcome tyler. tyler is only in sixth grade, but he raised $8,000, an in incredible amount for children's hospital. this is how he did it. selling lemonade for three . i sell it for $50 cents but cents. some people buy it for like $20 a cup. some people don't want lemonade,
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>> reporter: he didn't do it alone . my whole family helps set up and helps selling the lemonade . i oversaw, made sure everything was safe but the kids were the architects and asell blowers of this . it was like amazing that we did this and how much money people donated. >> reporter: back when tyler was in fourth grade he wanted to help children at children's but didn't qualify . she said i was too young . >> reporter: so that lemonade stand fit the bill. his teachers at the advanced math and science academy see that helping spirit every day. he is a really great kid. other people are right on his mind, i'm ready to be a helper. he is ready to jump up . tyler said he plans to keep helping . i don't know how long i want to do this for but hope hopefully i just raise more money. >> reporter: tyler's stand is closed this season but he said he will be back out there again in july selling lemonade for kids at children's. for class act, christa delcamp,
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>> anchor: you know a student between 6th and 12th grade doing something outstanding in school, sports on the community nominate them on-line at . >> anchor: next on 7 news a surprising find at a baltimore apartment. look at this here. the usual discovery by animal control officers after a neighbor reported a strange smell. >> anchor: it's being called the bait becomes. what police in some parts of the country are doing to catch crooks. >> anchor: ahead at 5:00, donald trump still in the hot eat seat after his controversial comment but it hasn't hurt hill in the poll. >> anchor: pats hoping to bounce back after back to back losses in today fans saw a ray
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